About us

About us

“Relentless efforts to find the most optimal solution for each order that we are responsible for”

Transportation is the leading industry in economic growth and it is irreplaceable. Seeing the strong potential in general and with a desire to dedicate and improve the quality of the logistics in particular, Galaxy Logistics was officially established by “the Captain” with 20-year experience and the head of the department with 4 to 7-year experience. Galaxy Logistics team has been building a professional and strict process to ensure speed and accuracy in consultation, tracking, and clearance of shipments. We help minimize risks for customers. We create unique points for ourselves, attract customers, and be trusted to become a long-term partner in the future. At the same time, Galaxy Logistics hopes to contribute to the prospect of the economy and devote ourselves to society.

The Principles of operation
Develop with fair competition spirit:

Competition is not only motivation but also pressure to let us improve ourselves, upgrade and bring the best service to customers.

Build a strict and professional process:

The Logistics have its own requirement, affect directly progress of transportation. We understand the situation and always learn to improve all the time. We serve the best to you.

Appreciate the credibility and conscience:

From the first days, our founders take it as a guide. We believe that however big enterprises are, they must value their credibility and conscience in order to go in the long term with customers.

The core value

Galaxy Logistics provides and update accurate information to partners, say no to cheating in the process. We choose honesty in both attitude and action to create our reputation.


Galaxy Logistics serves with single-minded devotion and a great sense of responsibility. We understand that the first thing we sell to clients is not the goods but the satisfaction and the faith.

The share:

We believe that knowledge and experience are given to receive response and contribution, which promotes and improves our company efficiently.


Clear-sightedness is essential to make a united group, together we break the difficulty, bring the best result to customers. All the problems shall be prompt solved to learn from experience and grow.

The goal
We set our goals to be a strategic partner of over 1000 import-export enterprises in Vietnam in 2025.

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