Export and import consignment

In many years of experience, Galaxy Logistics realizes the importance of export and import consignment. We support this service since customers’ partners don’t have experience in overseas transportation. We, on behalf of customers, discuss with foreign partners about shipments, handle processes and procedures in international trade, handle problems arising in the process of buying – selling, and shipping.

Acknowledging the problem, Galaxy Logistics provides export and import consignment with the following items:

  • Consult customers about commodity, origin, regulations and connect with foreign partner;
  • Negotiate and sign foreign trade contracts with overseas selleConduct procedures to import cargo;
  • Cargo payment to overseas sellers;
  • Prepare documents, declare, settle taxes for imported goods, pay taxes on behalf of the authorized party
  • Store import and export documents of the seller, the shipping partner, and the customs authority: Consignment contract, commercial contract, commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading, customs declaration, tax receipts…
  • Galaxy Logistics – the authorized party – issues a VAT invoice for the shipment when delivering goods to the recipient. The Invoice shows the total value the authorized party paid to 3rd parties, including the purchase price (according to the commercial invoice), the amount of import tax, excise tax, and VAT of the imported goods (according to the tax tariff of customs authority). This invoice is considered as an amount to calculate the output tax of the authorizing party and the input tax of the authorized party.

Galaxy Logistics provide import and export consignment for variety of commodity such as technology, sanitary ware, furniture, decorations, household goods, agricultural products, seafood, and so one. For special commodity groups, customers must provide complete and accurate information, documents to present to relevant parties.

With experience in working with large partners and customers, Galaxy Logistics is confident in consulting from A to Z in the import and export process. Hereafter we offer a good process for customers for mutual understanding and cooperating well together to bring the best results:

  • Step 1: After signing the consignment contract, Galaxy Logistics, on behalf of the customer, signs the foreign trade contract and makes the payment;
  • Step 2: Consulting import and export procedures, carry out import and export procedures, delivery to ports;
  • Step 3: Do customs declaration and other services at the port;
  • Step 4: Apply for specific certificates according to each item;
  • Step 5: Book space, buy freight and cargo insurance (if any), track cargo schedule;
  • Step 6: Consulting customs services, paying taxes according to regulations;
  • Step 7: Coordinate with customers to settle complaints (if any) against foreign partners;
  • Step 8: Get consignment charge at a reasonable rate according to the shipment value.

With a team of rich experience and knowledge, timely update of import and export policies, Galaxy Logistics confidently provide the best service at the most reasonable cost. We hope to cooperate with you in your future projects.